Fantasy Photography Game ‘Alekon’ Is Pokémon Snap But With More Freedom Leave a comment

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Alekon’s cute, cuddly, and colourful creatures are striking a pose and ready for you and your camera to take to the rails. And publisher Forever Entertainment when the game launches on Switch on 6th April for $15.99 / £14.39 / €15.99.

Releasing to positive reviews on Steam back in 2021, Alekon wears its Pokémon Snap influences on its sleeve with whimsical creatures for you to snap and an on-rails path to follow. However, The Alekon Company has gone one step further. This is more than just an on-rails photography adventure — you can now make friends with the animals.

That’s right, every single creature you meet has a unique personality and you can bond with them and help them with their problems. Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to roam each of the five areas that you can photograph — so it’s not just on rails. There’s no grinding, and any time you get a new quest, that means there’s something new to discover.

Here’s all the details from Forever Entertainment’s press release:

The world was taken over by dullness…Bring the colors back with your creativity!

EMBARK ON A JOURNEY FULL OF MAGIC AND ADVENTURES!Alekon is full of whimsical creatures called “Fictions”. Meet them scattered all over the dream-like Realm of Fictions!

EXPLORE 5 UNIQUE LOCATIONSIn the game, you can visit:- Idyll Island- Snowdrop Slopes- Glimmerwink Grove- Prickly Pass- Will of Whimsy

Once you’ve explored the area, the game allows you to roam off-track!Free roam through the Realm and take as much time as you need to get the best angles for your snapshots.

SHOW OFF YOUR SKILLS AND BRAINSOnce photographed, Fictions will come to life at Dream’s Doorstep where you can talk to them and help them with their problems by completing quests, minigames, or solving puzzles – some of these will award you with new useful abilities!

Images: Forever Entertainment
Images: Forever Entertainment

You can wishlist Alekon now on both the UK and NA Switch eShops ahead of its release on 6th April, and let’s be honest, you all want to make friends with some cacti or some grumpy crabs, right? Develop your thoughts in the comments.

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